Where There is Life was filmed between 2010 – 2014 and is currently in post-production.
The film has been part of the Doc2Doc, SDG NZ pitching sessions (2013) and was shortlisted for the Chicken and Egg Film Finishing Fund.

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Margaret was diagnosed with a terminal disease in 2010. Soon after film-maker Gwen met Margaret and filming began initially as a record for Margaret’s then ten-year-old daughter.


The chats between the two became a friendship, and Gwen a regular visitor to the family’s Eastbourne home. Margaret, and her husband Stephen, confronted the illness in unexpected ways and Gwen was invited to follow their unique story.

Margaret and Stephen were determined to beat the disease, and their journey uncovered just what a marriage can withstand under enormous pressure.


Where There is Life reveals unexpected truths and power shifts in the most unlikely situation.

“I didn’t mean to become a fixture in the life of Margaret and Stephen but I could see from the outset that this was no ordinary ‘until death do us part story’.

Margaret challenged every aspect of her horrible disease by becoming the bigger identity in her marriage forcing Stephen to examine everything he thought he knew about duty. 

But together, they transcended the prison of this disease and something quite extraordinary emerged between the two of them.

My hope is that we learn something about love under pressure from this story, and find hope where there is life.” – GWEN ISAAC.