Selected clips from broadcast television episodes directed by Gwen Isaac
(2003 – 2010)

“The film had heart without being overly sentimental and that’s a hard balance to achieve.”

Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard
(Old Dogs, New Tricks, ITV 1)

“It’s just a gentle meander around one of the most entrancingly beautiful buildings in the world, which happens to be run by a group of sweet people.”

The Radio Times
(Summer at Yorkminster, BBC 1)


2010 - 2017

Where There Is Life

Feature documentary selected for New Zealand International Film Festival 2017, Doc Without Borders Film Festival 2017, Blow-up International Arthouse Film Festival 2017.

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2007 - 2009

Freelance USA Producer & Crew Director

Blakeway Productions / Channel 4 (Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey).
BBC One (Human Project).
ITV (This Morning and Noel Edmond’s Christmas Presents).

Heroes Unmasked

Self-shooting & Crew Director.
15 x 30 mins episodes.

The Real Washington DC

Crew Director.
1 x 45 min episode.
BBC World News.


Rambo 4

DVD extras, EPK interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes.
Self-shooting Director.
3 x 30 min episodes.
Lionsgate / Millennium Films.

Summer at York Minster

Producer & Self-shooting Observational Director.
6 x 30 min episodes.
Lion Television. BBC UK.

Mum’s on Strike

Self-shooting Director.
6 x 45 min episodes.
Lion Television. BBC UK.

Nurse School

Self-shooting Observational Director.
2 x 30 min episodes.
BBC Scotland.

2003 - 2006

This Morning

Location Producer & Crew Director.
Weekly VT inserts.


Metroland Series
Crew Director of self-conceived documentary, 30 mins.
ITV London.

1993 - 1996

Auckland University of Technology

Bachelor of Communications Degree.
Majored in Television Studies, Theory and Practice